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Statement of Faith

1. God
A.One person in three parts: Father, Son, Holy Spirit
C.All powerful
D.All present
E.All knowing

2. Jesus
A.God’s Son
B.Born of a virgin
C.Lived a sinless life
D.Died a vicarious death
E.Rose from the dead
F.Will return to claim His church
G.All God yet all man

3. Salvation
A.By grace through faith not of works
B.All men are sinners and cannot save themselves.
C.Jesus death was the payment for sin.
D.Rejection of Jesus payment results in eternal death in Hell.
E.Acceptance of Jesus payment results in eternal life in Heaven.

4. Holy Spirit
A.Indwells man after salvation
B.Regenerates the sinner
C.Sanctifies the saved
D.Fills the saved with power

5. Baptism
A.Is not necessary for salvation
B.Is a symbol of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection
C.Is a public statement of salvation

6. The Bible
A.Inspired by God
B.Penned by men
C.Preserved by God for each nation in their own language
D.The King James 1611 is the preserved Scripture for English speaking people.

7. Christian’s Role
A.Fulfill the Great Commission
B.Represent Christ through walk, talk, dress, and actions
Do You Agree?
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